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Wave Shredder is a WAV / MP3 file splitting and format conversion utility. It splits WAV / MP3 files no  matter what compression is deployed. You may wish to split a WAV / MP3 file from any point of time or split the whole audio file into number of files of your choice. Wave Shredder also features an overlap control mechanism such that consecutive files overlap each other for specified time duration. In addition to these features Wave Shredder can convert WAV and MP3 files to each other. Furthermore, it can convert WAV files to different encoding formats (like 16bit, 8 bit). It can also extract the left and right channels of a WAV file into a separate WAV file. All these come with a simple and very comprehensive user interface. Of course, an illustrative help file accompanies the package.





PC486 DX2 66MHz
Windows 95 or greater
Windows media player control ver6.xx.
Internet Explorer 4.0 (For viewing help)


Pentium 100MHz
Windows 95 or greater
Windows media player control ver6.xx
Sound card.
Internet Explorer 4.0 (For viewing help)


Screen Shots

Main Window


MP3 <> WAV Batch Conversion


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